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Why Hire A Wedding Planner

Why hire a professional wedding planner? I can do it myself. My sisters best friend planned her wedding, she can do mine.

Isn't this the age old question. In a time when gas prices are high and money is tight, these are the reasons not to from a bride's perspective.

These are the reasons a professional wedding planner is important:

Experience - A professional has been planning weddings for a number of years. The professional is constantely studying and updating styles and techniques to match what is popular today.

Knowledge - A professional has planned a great number of weddings working in all aspects of the wedding industry. A professional can help you with finding just the right photographer, florist, baker, etc. for you, without you ever leaving your house.

The reception is the most difficult to plan. A professional will assist you with what you need and how much you will need for the type reception and number of guests you are inviting. Did you know it is almost guarenteed only 75% of your invited guests will attend? Did you know that it is almost guarenteed that of those attending the ceremony only 75-80% of those guests will stay for the reception?

What about open bar in comparison to cash bar? I want a bar but don't know how much of what to provide? A professional can assist you in the cost comparisons of the 2 bars and uses calculations to ensure you have what you need at the bar without much excess.

Cost - The money a professional saves you more than pays the cost of hiring a professional. I mentioned above about the rising gas costs, a professional does the running around for you or can order everything you need with no running around at all. A professional wedding planner is a repeat customer for all the wedding industry and can get the best prices. You, are a one time customer and will pay top dollar in the industry.

Why Hire Royal Occasions

Why should you hire Royal Occasions over another professional planner?

Royal Occasions has been in business for about 5 years. In that time we have helped families plan for numerous events and weddings. Personally, I grew up in the wedding industry. My mother is an accomplished cake decorator and florist. In my teenage years I would help her in her business decorate for the many weddings she did. Although Royal Occasions is relatively new, the experience we have in the industry dates back to the '70's.

Still, why Royal Occasions?

In the 5 years we have been involved in the wedding industry as Royal Occasions we have built trust with others in the industry not just in Russellville but from Ft Smith to Little Rock.

We work out of my home. For us that means little overhead, for you that means less cost. It also means we are free to meet with you on your terms. We know you have a hectic schedule and getting away to meet with someone can prove difficult at best. We don't keep regular store hours, we work on your schedule.

I have been fortunate enough to be able to buy 2 wedding businesses in order to increase our inventory of ceremony and reception rental equipment and supplies. We now have one of the largest inventories in the Russellville area. This is a benefit to you. It cuts the cost of your event because we do not have to rent the equipment and supplies from someone else. Our quotes include the fact that we already own the equipment. We have also been fortunate through our special events section to be able to increase our inventory of large theme props for theme wedding/receptions.

We have established accounts with some of the best wedding accessories companies in the market. No longer do you have to shop store to store to find that perfect pair of champagne flutes. Just browse our catalogs and order right then.

Give us a call or e-mail us and let Royal Occasions take the burdon off of you.